Used as a stucco/plaster stop to provide a screed edge and protective finish trim while terminating plaster in a clear straight line at doors, windows, or other openings. Also, recommended as an edge divider between plaster and other dissimilar materials. The #66N short flange is used where an expanded flange is not required.

  • Available with or without weep holes.


#66 Short Flange Casing Bead provides a short 90° angle return at plaster surface which serves as a plastering stop to ensure a neat finish. #66 Short Flange Square Casing’s perforated flanges aid attachment and plaster keying. This product features short and solid flanges for those who prefer it. This product is available with  different sizes, please see additional information chart.

  • Available with or without weep holes.

Additional information


3/8"x10' – 30 Pieces Per Box,
1/2"x10' – 30 Pieces Per Box,
3/4"x10' – 30 Pieces Per Box,

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