Another very compelling aspect of VINYL WEEP PRODUCTS is their overall cost-effectiveness. Sometimes when purchasing high-quality vinyl, the traditional materials are less expensive. This is where vinyl’s true money saving abilities come into play. Even if a vinyl product costs more to install than its traditional alternative, in almost every case, the lowered maintenance and increased life-expectancy will make up the difference in cost several times over! A vinyl fence, for example, is more expensive to install than a wood fence; but when you consider the amount of painting that a wood fence needs over its lifetime and combine that with the fact that the life expectancy of vinyl fencing is far greater (meaning you’ll have to completely replace a wood fence at least once before a vinyl fence will wear out), the higher-priced vinyl ends up being a bargain!

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Vinyl Foundation Weep Screed 7/8" X 10\' – Brown Color – 30 Pieces/Box

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